Amazon Alexa Games Created by us

At the Get Voice Agency, we love to create and play Alexa games and over the last couple of years, we’ve explored many different themes and concepts to figure out what makes a great game.

Here is a sample of some of the Alexa games we have created to wow gamers of all ages.

Titan Drop Alexa Game

Titan Drop

The latest game to join our roster of Amazon Alexa games is Titan Drop an action-orientated game that takes players on a journey to the far future where giant robots do battle with each other for the face of the planet.

Help Zacheriel Erebus as they command the colossal Warmachine The Astral Knight with 6 blistering weapons as your disposal and full authority from Titan Drop Command to use them as you see fit.

This Alexa game features over 10 levels of Robot action, 3 fully voiced characters, a synthetic blended voice actor provided as well as in-skill purchasing and full support for Amazon Fire TV and Echo Show.

Heroes of Eldritch Hollow Alexa Game

Heroes of Eldritch Hollow

Do you dare take a trip to the Eldritch Hollow? Choose your Hero, either the ‘All Powerful Wizard’ or the ‘Might Warrior’ and join ‘The Boss’ and ‘Sprite’ on a comedy action-adventure game to defeat 15 monsters and reclaim the Eldritch Hollow.

Along the way, you will hear The Boss and Sprite’s thoughts on the monsters you encounter, solve the riddles of the elements and play a few games of Knife, Spoon, Bear Trap.

Designed to introduce new Alexa owners to the concepts around action gaming this game provides a simplified combat mechanic in comparison to Titan Drop.

Wizard Tournament

Do you have what it takes to beat The Emeris Wizard Tournament the leading Witchcraft & Wizarding Tournament in the North of England?

Compete against 10 opponents with a selection of 6 hand-picked Spells perfect for the tournament this Alexa Game includes a blended presentation of human and synthetic voice acting. 

Wizard Tournament is built using TitanCore our Alexa Game Engine allowing as to produce a new Alexa Game in a fraction of the time whilst adding new game-specific features.

The Animal Noises Quiz

And young children the animal noises quiz provide a simple experience for children of all ages to learn animal sounds featuring 15 animals the animal noises quiz makes full use of Amazon’s presentation language allowing us to support the Fire TV and Echo show devices.

This Amazon Alexa Kids Skill is designed to provide an easy pathway for young children to learn and interact with Alexa whilst also taking full advantage of the visual medium multimodal provides.

Alexa Plays the child a sound and asks what the animal noise is if they reply correctly they are shown the correct animal on their Alexa Display.

Coming Soon....

Pirates (Working Title)

Coming soon this brand new Amazon Alexa game will take you on a pirate adventure, you will go hunting for treasure in many pirate-themed locations on a mission for Handsome Jack but be warned the denizens of the island want to keep their pieces of 8 for themselves.

You’ll have 6 different locations to search for buried treasure complete your haul and you can take on the Pirate King before you escape the island.