Heroes of Eldritch Hollow Alexa Game
John Carnell

John Carnell

Blended Voice Adverts

Blended voice advertising bring together real voice-over performance with synthetic voice actors allowing advertisers to create a whole new experience and potentially one that is dynamically delivered based on user choice.

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The First Advert

Our advert for the Heroes of Eldritch Hollow delivers a blended voice performance  “The Boss” played by a real actor and a synthetic voice provided by Amazon’s Polly service, in this case Ivy who is playing “Sprite”.

The advert aims to elicit an emotional response from the listener to encourage them to check out the game the ‘Heroes of Eldritch Hollow’ on the Amazon Alexa store.

It’s through blended synthetic adverts that we can create a whole new experience for end users, in future it will be possible to have synthetic voices delivering dynamic responses based on user preference directly through the advert.

For instance, addressing the user by name or  location and driving specific actions we would like the user to perform, all based on what we know about the user already.

The Second Advert

In our second advert “The Boss and Sprite” leave the confines of The Eldritch Hollow to find heroes to help them defeat 5 evil monsters. Of course not everyone is pleased to seem them!

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