John Carnell

John Carnell

British Government adds 12,000 advice responses via Alexa and Google voice Assistants.

The British government has added over 12000 pieces of advice and information to be accessed via Amazon Alexa and Google assistant.

You can find out information such as when the next bank holiday is even how to get a passport now there’s more information will be added over time but this is a fantastic vote of confidence really from the British government voice services.

With UK government throwing its weight behind voice delivered by Amazon Alexa, Google assistant and other platforms we really are going to see a groundswell of businesses getting clued up about what voice can do for them.

After all if it’s good enough to serve 67 Million people in the UK with knowledge then what’s left to wait for?

Speaking of which if you’d ever like to have a chat about what voice can do for your business then just hit our contact page we are always interested having those friendly conversations.

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