John Carnell

John Carnell

Future Music: Influencing listening actions in a fast trending world

Continuing our look at how the change to a Voice Assisted world will impact business and consumer behaviour in future.

The shift to voice will impact the way artists are added to playlists and new music enters the global consciousness of people’s lives. AI defined playlists, based around niche genres will come to dominate the tribes of music lovers.

Personal Music Recommendations and machine learning based “Feels Like” will create new dangers for publishers and catalogue holders while handing platforms even more power to influence the ratio of new music making it to listeners’ ears.

Music production will embrace new ways to nudge listeners to take action to help influence their artists’ visibility and engineering will look to capitalise on single speaker sonics.

Artists will need to create memorable song titles and catchy hook lines that can be easily used in voice commands to connect the song to the listener’s library, influencing not only the listener but the algorithms that power future discovery as well.

Rocking The Virutual Cashbah

Justin Bieber has a new album release and he wants to ensure that the widest number of old and new fans can add the tracks to their playlists.

He decides to hang a lantern on it and writes a cheeky hook

“Add me on Alexa Babe, let’s talk all night”

In one smooth line he’s delivered a nudge and the album title. “Let’s talk all night” .

Now listeners are primed to take action and in doing so influence J.B’s future discovery across Amazon Music. The more streams he receives the greater his trending influence which in turn drives more plays and that #1 single.

With razor thin margins, the less friction between the artist and the listener the greater the opportunity to drive playback

As we touched on in One Potential Future of Voice Advertising?  how long until a SynthArtist delivers personalised song lyrics by listener and device? How will that impact on what we conventionally consider a “Single” for purposes of counting chart position?

Voice changes how the world works, it impacts on the way we deliver critical services as well as entertainment mediums while disrupting every sector. What once was new is old once more. Are you ready for the future?

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