Voice CRM SalesFlare and Get Voice Agency
John Carnell

John Carnell

Get Voice Agency Integrates SalesFlare as standard for Small Business Clients.

Leveraging Voice Solutions to generate leads just got a whole lot easier with the Get Voice Agency and SalesFlare.

The Get Voice Agency now offers SalesFlare integration as standard for all our Small Business customers. So when a customer shows interest in a product or service they can request a callback or further information and we will automatically create an opportunity in SalesFlare.

We do this using the Amazon Alexa profile request, this gets us the customer’s name, phone number and email address that they’ve registered with their Amazon account.  

Alternatively, we can provide a custom solution that prompts the consumer for specific details such as business name, business phone number, mobile phone or other details that are not part of the standard Amazon Account information.

Now your Alexa Skill is a Lead Generation machine powered by your customer’s voice and SalesFlare.

If you want a compelling skill from the Get Voice Agency providing useful, functional services to consumers while offering Lead Generation opportunities get in touch today.

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