John Carnell

John Carnell

Heroes of Eldritch Hollow now live

The Get Voice Agency is pleased to announce the launch of its first Amazon Alexa Game to feature blended voice acting, bringing together a real human voice actor with a synthetic voice to create a dynamic gaming experience with Amazon Alexa.

In Heroes of Eldritch Hollow players are tasked by “The Boss” – performed by a real human – to defeat five evil monsters inhabiting the Eldritch Hollow. You are helped in this quest by “Sprite” performed in real time by a synthetically voiced actor.

Together they will take players on a sometimes mad cap adventure into the heart of the Eldritch Hollow.

“What mysteries will be unveiled?  We are honestly not sure, we didn’t think that far ahead… suffice to say “The Boss” has it all in hand…. we hope!” – John Carnell, Get Voice Agency  CEO.

Who is the game for?

Anyone who loves games like Dungeon Keeper, Warhammer, Warcraft, Skyrim, Diablo but wants to experience a Voice First production.

How to play?

Choose your hero and battle through five increasingly difficult monsters using either your power or your strength.

After each monster, you can search for treasure that might boost your stats or give you gold to spend in future adventures.

To begin enable the game from your respective Amazon Alexa store then say “Alexa, Open Heroes of Eldritch Hollow” to play.

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