John Carnell

John Carnell

Politics, Democracy and a Voice First future. Where might we go from here?

Today we take a look at the future of politics, you can read our other posts looking at the future of voice in our blog.

Politics will be forever altered by the world of voice, not just because of synthetic bad actors impersonating political leaders in order to sow dissent, but in how political discourse is conducted in the future. Democracy is under threat and the biggest threat is misinformation and knee jerk politics.

Voice allows us to clear up the channels, connecting political leaders directly to the people they serve and using voice to inform the truth – not the fantasy – of people’s views.

In future voice services will be another broadcast platform for Political Messaging required by electoral law to ensure a free and balanced electoral system in the same way TV and radio broadcast hours are provided to political parties across the spectrum during election time.

As the shift to voice causes a shift away from traditional media, so too must those essential political messages be moved on to those platforms to ensure the widest possible audience can be reached.

Where do we begin? Planting trees today.

It begins with individuals bridging the gap between their representation and the communities they serve.

A forward thinking Member of Parliament sees the opportunity to use voice to open the lines of communication with his constituents. 

The MP’s team have an Alexa skill that allows them to post the MP’s thoughts each week as audio and to ask for feedback from people through a simple YES/NO Question. In essence do you agree or disagree with the MP’s position on a local matter.

Alexa’s notification system will alert users to an MP’s latest update ensuring voting & feedback opportunities are never missed and engagement with citizens is maximised.

Alexa’s ability to know who is speaking to it allows the MP to ask his constituents to vote yes or no on the issues of the day, helping keep the pulse of local opinion while helping to inform voting in Parliament..

In future voice imprinting will allow one vote, one person and make any form of tampering much more difficult.

Voice’s impact on democracy is the greatest since the inception of the internet, websites and social media, only this time we can build on all we have learned to bring democracy into the 21st century and allow everyone’s voices to be heard, in a controlled, measured, reliable way.

Get Ready, Get Ahead, Get The Voice Agency!

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