The Challenge

The Harrogate Bartender is North Yorkshire’s premier mobile bar specialist, able to provide staff, equipment and drinks at any venue across the region. 

They asked the Get Voice Agency to create them an Alexa skill that would introduce their brand to prospective customers and create a talking point, using natural language to power the customers interactions with Alexa.

A unique talking point for prospective customers

A brand Alexa skill something their competition hadn’t thought of – more dynamic than just Facebook ads, viral videos or Instagram posts.

 They understand that conversation is all important in the bar trade and here they can strike up a conversation with prospects and convert them to call backs.

We created a complex intent model for each business area and their key service offerings. Users can now say “Tell me more about your wedding services” or “Book me a call back”.

Features for every business

The Harrogate Bartender Alexa skill provides all the information a prospective customer needs to help start the conversation, including

  • Availability and location
  • About and Corporate History
  • Services provided
  • Special booking offers
  • Arrange Call back

“Quick access to booking discounts creates a desire to book now before the offers runs out.”

Amazon Presentation Language

We’ve incorporated the latest display technologies to ensure that the Harrogate Bartender Alexa skill is at the very cutting-edge of Alexa development utilising Amazon’s Presentation language. 

Every major area of the Harrogate Bartender Alexa skill has a visual representation when viewed through Echo Spot, Echo Show, Fire Tablet and Fire TV devices and any device that supports APL.

The response to the Harrogate Bartender Alexa skill has been overwhelmingly positive.

“It’s been fantastic to see our brand come to life on Alexa. It’s created a talking point that didn’t exist before and given me an opportunity to engage in ways my competitors haven’t even thought of yet.”  – Alan Evans The Harrogate Bartender

“Businesses using Alexa don’t always have to be about the hard sell, they can be about connecting the business and consumer together through a new interface while creating a conversation.” – Get Voice Agency

We take the hard work out of connecting users with businesses using voice, providing a  fully managed solution for businesses of all sizes.

Get Ready, Get Voice, Book a Call Back