Vector cartoon illustration with robot war on alien planet, Mars. Landscape with combat robots. Battle androids, artificial intelligence in protective armor. Game background. Modern military concept.
John Carnell

John Carnell

Titan Drop The VoiceFirst Action Game

Get ready for the Drop Commander, in our new game Titan Drop from the creators of the Heroes of Eldritch Hollow.

As Zachierial Erebus, the newly appointed commander of the Titan, The Astral Knight, you will battle through 10 levels armed to the teeth and ready for war. 

Choose your weapons, manage your health and ammo and exact vengeance on those who destroyed your home and burned your world.

Do battle alongside ‘Jelenar Syracuse’ commander of the ‘Celestant Revenge’ and old-timer ‘Garavidius Polmar’ piloting ‘Deaths Duty’, overseen by the head of Titan command ‘Agaron’.

This is the first 10 levels in a sweeping sci-fi narrative that will see you fighting across multiple war fronts in your quest for vengeance.

4 Memorable Characters
Full Voice acting 
Apocalyptic story.
10 Levels

Titan Drop features an interactive interface, at any time you can say any of the following commands as well as variations on them:
“How much health do I have”
“How much ammo is left”
“Tell me about [Character] / or [Weapon Name]”
“Send a list of commands to my [Device] / or Alexa app”
“Re/Play the Tutorial”
“Continue game” – If resuming from the main menu

Purchase (US Only)
“Purchase more Repair Drones”
“Buy Quantum Gatling Ammo”

Who’s this game for? 
Anyone who loves Mecha, Robotech, Warhammer 40,000, Pacific Rim, Mechwarrior and sci-fi in generaly

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