Voice Marketing, Advertising & Promotion for Amazon Alexa

The way we market business functions is radically changing with the addition of Voice Assistants like Alexa. It’s not enough to manage a marketing list, how are  you going to drive voice interactions in a world where email marketing makes little sense?

As the dynamic shifts to one shot utterances and invoke to enable it will become even more critical for brands to have a clear sense for how the marketing and functionality of voice skills intersect.

The Get Voice Agency are exploring this problem and many more in the world of voice check out some of the adverts for our Alexa Skills.

Animal Sounds Quiz

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This advert for Animal Sounds Quiz uses an entirely synthetic vocal performance. Designed to appeal to younger voice users this fun and friendly advert capture the sprit of the game while relaying important commands.

Heroes of Eldritch Hollow

For our first game Heroes of Eldritch Hollow we can created a blended approach between using real voice actors and Amazon’s synthetic polly voices creating a dynamic presentation that grabs attention.

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